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Understand the Different Types of Life Insurance

Term life insurance is affordable and necessary. If you have children or a spouse who depends on your income, term life is your number one priority. Funerals alone can cost upwards of eight thousand dollars. If you have a young family, call Foye Insurance Agency and buy that policy before you go to bed tonight. It’s that important.

Universal life insurance

Universal life insurance is priced lower, similar in cost to term life insurance. However, this allows you to build savings in addition to death benefits. Talk to your personal agent at Foye Insurance Agency to discuss which life insurance is best suited to your life’s needs.

Whole life insurance information

Whole life insurance is also known as regular life insurance. This is a policy that remains active over your entire life, as long as requirements are met. Premiums are lower for policies purchased at younger ages. Call us today to purchase whole life insurance plans from us.

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